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A New day/ A new man

Today one of the teams went to its first site. As the drama wound down, an older man gave the appearance of having been moved by the Spirit of God. Several of our students went over to talk to him about how God could forgive him of his sins. The man began to weep uncontrollably and his story began to unfold. For twenty seven years he had been a prominent pastor in Piedras Negras, one day his wife left him and he blamed God. The bitterness turned into hatred, and the hatred turned into poison. He rejected everything that he knew and turned to alcohol, and the alcohol led him into homelessness. For the last twenty years he wandered the streets carrying this hatred and each day the load got heavier and heavier. A student began to share with him how mighty and how broad God’s forgiveness is. As they were talking, you could see in his eyes that God was doing a work. And then he let it out, sobbing and asking his Creator to forgive him. The other pastors that were with us were so excited as they knew him very well. The man hugged and hugged our team with tears running down his face. He began (with no prompting) praising our Lord. As the team was leaving, he continued praising God. Please pray for this man. His name is Michael (in English). All the teams had many divine encounters. What we had prayed for had come true…God was with us!


Tonight, as we shared and rejoiced in all that God had done, we were filled with awe.  The Lord’s presence was so evident as we worshiped. The team grew in unity and learned how to go deeper in prayer. God is doing a mighty work among our team, in each of our hearts, and in the city of Piedras Negras, and this was only our first day out doing ministry! Greater things are yet to come!


Tomorrow the pastor has many more places for us to go and share the gospel. Pray for the teams health (we are all doing well), pray for strength as we have much work to accomplish, and pray for the Lord of the Harvest to draw people to himself. We are praying for you and your hearts, that you will be ready to hear what great things God has done.


Serving Him,

Zach Smith

Gerri Smith

Mike Lehew

Meridith Ingram

Walker Moore






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3 response to A New day/ A new man

  • Gilbert Speakman says:

    Hi Walker, Tyler, and others I know from previous trips – I’m blogging from Britain again – so moved to hear how you ministered to that pastor – also what God is doing in your own hearts and lives – looking forward to hear more of His great works – with love-in-Jesus to you all!! Gilbert.

  • TeATa Lehew Gattis says:

    Wow, the Lord is doing mighty work in all of you!What a beautiful and heartretching story of Michael! His life will be totally different now, he has carried the hatred and the hurt for a long time and now he has given it to the Lord! The next time you go you all might see a different man in him! Such a moving moment for the team!It shows it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or where you are in life that we all need to depend on God and ask his forgiveness! My heart goes out to each of you as you hear the people’s stories for your own life will forever be changed and you will never forget this time in leading someone to God! May each of you be truly blessed and know you are there for a mighty reason! God bless and may your day be full of love for our Lord even when your heart might be breaking for someone as they come to know the Lord! Love to all of you!

  • As I have thought about this all day, I am so grateful for the reminder that God is so patient, waiting for His children to relinquish their hearts to Him.
    My prayer for all of you is that you will do the same thing that Michael did. Let go of anything and everything that you are carrying and let the Love of our perfect Savior wash and cleanse you so you can be fully used by Him.
    Constantly praying!

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