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A Glorious Day!

The team made it to Panama City safely and with no luggage lost… miracle number one. With only a few minutes to unpack, the team went straight to work presenting the gospel. Our first place was Cinco De Mayo, the marketplace of Panama City. The team was nervous as they stood at the entrance to the marketplace but when the music started, a crowd gathered and the Holy Spirit took over.

Nervous but with the boldness of the Apostle Paul, they presented the gospel to the crowd that had gathered. At the end, the students went out in team of three to engage the Panamanians with the message of salvation. People began bowing their heads and new brothers and sisters were born into the Kingdom…miracle number two.  We moved further into the marketplace and now with even a greater boldness we presented the gospel a second time and more gave their lives to Christ…miracle number three.

After leaving Tulsa early, flying to Panama, and putting in a day of work, the team was ready for a good home-cooked meal. After a short Bible study, the weary group went to bed without any prompting. Everyone is safe, healthy, and excited to go and do God’s work. We are having an Internet problem and it should be fixed by Monday afternoon, Pray for miracle number four, a good internet connection.


Your Servant,

Walker Moore

President/Founder Awe Star Ministries


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