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A Changed Life Changes Lives!

Hello, parents and friends! Thank you for all of your prayers throughout this summer and especially for today as it was our last day to minister in Panama. We are so incredibly excited to report the great ways in which God moved today. We continually praise Him for His sovereignty and for your obedience in prayer. 

We started off today doing the drama in a school, and as usual were eager to minister and share the gospel with students our age. The Lord works in mysterious ways though doesn’t He? As the students were finishing up ministering, they thought to go and talk to Victor, a man who has been helping us throughout the entire trip with our bus service. The entire summer we had all assumed that he was a Christian due to his servant heart, but as the students began talking to him they quickly learned that he had never surrendered his heart to the Lord and that until this summer he had never quite understood what it truly looked like to live for God. He was inspired by your sons and daughters and slowly but surely was led to the throne of the Father. He came out of the bus with a smile that radiated the love of Christ! He began rejoicing with the rest of the team and is truly a new creature! We have bought him a bible and were all able to sign it and plan to give it to him tomorrow when he takes us to the airport. Praise the Lord for His incredible timing! Who would think that the Lord would use a bunch of young adults from the United States to make an impact in not only Victor’s life but thousands of other Panamanians as well! Our God is oh so mighty to save! 

As we wrapped up tonight, we were blessed with a picture of a true servant’s heart. Our Male CC, Dustin Parish, taught on the importance of returning home and continuing the work and growth in which Christ started in us this summer. He then transitioned to John 13 and showed us true humility. He took each person on the team and washed their feet, an image that will not leave the students memory. We were reminded through this, the importance of humbling ourselves and given a picture of true love. 

The students are excited to return to the States, but it is a bittersweet feeling to say the least. They have poured their hearts out the entire summer. They have shed tears over the people, sweat in the blazing Panamanian sun, carried sand and stones, dug holes, been drenched in rain numerous times, all for the one who took their crimson stains and washed them white as snow! They will all return eager to share the great things that God has done, truly changed forever. 

Please continue to pray for us through our travels and for God to provide more divine encounters. Also pray that the Lord would send people to come in and continue to pour into those who gave their hearts to the Lord this summer. Please pray for all of our translators and for the church that we partner with. 

Thank you all again for petitioning on our behalf in prayer and God Bless!

Your TD’s,    

Zach and Karissa. 

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5 response to A Changed Life Changes Lives!

  • Bellamy Looney says:

    Thank you Panama team for your your willingness to get your hands dirty and allowing us the privilege to partner with you in prayer and support. Big hugs for Dustin, Meagann, Zachary, and Karissa for your leadership and taking care of our students. We are so proud of and thankful for this whole team for your faithfulness. We are praying for safe arrivals home and continued divine encounters along the way. Mary Jayne – we trust you had a great big 2-0 and can’t wait to see you and hear about everything! We love you so much! Momma, Daddy, and Van

  • Ryan T Reach says:

    I feel as I though I repeat myself a lot – Wow! God is amazing. Thank you to all of you for giving of your time and your heart to serve in Panama. It is clear that you were all supposed to be there.

    I know you have a long day of traveling ahead and probably won’t see these comments until you are back in the states. Just know that you are being prayed for during your travels and then during your debrief time tomorrow.

    I CANNOT wait until Friday morning when I get to see you, Kati!

  • Nikki Smith Reach says:

    Wow. God is so good. I got terry eyed as I read this blog and about you all sharing with the bus driver.

    I know today will be a long day traveling. Praying for your safety.

    I can’t wait to see you Friday Kati. I love you!

  • Shawna Mattes says:

    So amazed by God’s work on this trip. I can’t wait to hear and see what HE did IN each one of you. From the beginning, I have been praying for the return home, and that you will each bring the love of Christ, that you showed to the Panamanian people, home to those closest to you, starting with your families. Continuing to pray that the work through you and in you.
    Levi – So looking forward to seeing you. I have missed you like crazy!

  • Marti Pieper says:

    Smiling, loving, and so thankful you are (almost) home now!

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