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5….4…The Count Down!

It is just over a day away til we board the plane to head to Peru. For some it’s the first time they have ever left the states and for other they’ve been to Peru as many as 10 years. It’s been amazing to watch as God as knitted this team together. You are also a major part of our team. We look forward to sharing this journey with you as we see the amazing things God is doing . Many of have been praying for us for months and we appreciate it more then you will ever know. God has already been working by providing the supplies we need, clothing items to share we the people, funds to go, and many more. Each of us have stories of how God has provided, some are do to go giving! We can’t thank you enough.

Like I said before you are a major part of this team. We couldn’t do this without your prayers!! We ask that you please continue to pray for us:

  • All of us are leaving loved ones at home, some are sick, some are young kids
  • Unity
  • Safe Travel
  • We make the most of every opportunity God gives us
  • Peoples’ hearts be open to what God wants to tell them
  • Health
  • Safety

These are just a few of the things. At the end of this I’ll post everyone on the team so you can pray for them.

We’ll do our best to post pictures and posts often however I can’t promise. Sometimes internet is not easy to get. We can’t say thank you enough for praying for us.

Your Peru Mission Team

Nicole, Susan, Lynn, Brenda, Jake, Enmanuel, Morgan, Carol, Skip, Hannah, Brianna, James, Jana, Caleb, Gerri, Jenifer, Keith

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