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Excellent Start

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Buenas Noches!

The students awoke this morning and had a traditional Mexican breakfast with freshly made breakfast tacos. After breakfast we prayed and prepared our hearts for ministry.

The students loaded the bus and headed out to our first ministry site at Pulga Solidaridad. A Pulga is a big market similar to what a flea market in America would be. Once we arrived the students broke out into their ministry teams and began to invite the crowd to come watch the drama. A ministry team is the tool that Awe Star uses to evangelize. There are three roles in the ministry team; a ministry team leader, a prayer person, and a distracter. Each of these roles will be assigned daily.

We have been very blessed by having several translators and members of the local church that travel with us to ministry sites. These people have been gracious enough to assist the students in inviting and in sharing the gospel. The students performed the drama at this first Pulga to a large crowd, and many were saved. It was exciting to see several students who had never shared the gospel before getting the opportunity to lead someone to Christ.

After finishing our ministry at this first site we went to a second site called Pulga Voluntad. Prior to the beginning of the drama, the students got the opportunity to prayer-walk the Pulga in their ministry teams. One of the most important core values of our team is to pray without ceasing. The students performed the drama to a huge crowd and were so excited to get to have one-on-one with the people of Mexico. We were thrilled to see many come to know the Lord at this site.

Once finished with our ministry at this Pulga, we all headed back for lunch to the church we are staying at. The joy of the gospel and of salvation was evident on our students faces as they shared stories with one another. After finishing lunch, we got to hear from Walker about the importance of having all of your hope in Christ. Walker taught the students the true meaning of contentment; that if Christ is all you have than you have all you need.

The students got to perform three more dramas in the afternoon. At each of these dramas we presented to multitudes of people, and saw many come to know the Lord. The last drama we performed was in the middle of a Pulga. Pulga’s are very busy places with many people and vehicles going in and out. As the students performed and a crowd began to form, we watched traffic literally stop so that people could hear the gospel. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow we have another full day of ministry planned. Please continue to pray for our work here and the people we will meet tomorrow. We want the gospel to be evident in everything we do. Pray for the health, hydration and safety of our team. They are enjoying getting to know one another and doing ministry here in Mexico. Gloria a Dios!

We will be posting updates throughout the trip which you can receive immediate notifications on your phone for by texting mex16 to 84483. This new feature will keep you up to date on travel updates as well as when the website will be updated.

Your Country Coordinators,
Walker & Melanie

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