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Divine Appointments

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Team Bueno

Today was a day that the Lord had prepared for our hearts to see amazing things. We saw many people come to know Christ during the course of the day and we are beyond blessed to have seen God work in those people’s lives.

Our team was able to present “Freedom” five times, and each had just as much impact as the others. We presented the drama at a huge plaza in downtown Nuevo Laredo, several pulgas, and at a church Awe Star has worked with for many years that is helping migrants seeking a new and better life.

Numerous stories from today showed us how God was working all around us, but there is one that was eye-opening. A group of our students, after performing the drama in a pulga, went to talk to a little girl named Samantha to share with her about Christ’s love for her. They explained to her the gospel and how it impacted our lives, but she seemed a little confused. After bringing over an interpreter, they asked if she had ever heard this story, and she said, “No, I have never heard about this before.” It was hard for us to comprehend that someone so close to the United States had never heard about Jesus, but we came to realize that a new generation is coming into our world without hearing who our Savior is.

This story reminded us to never overlook someone like Samantha because our world is in need of hearing about Christ and all that He has done for us. It may be their very first time to hear about Him.

Team Bueno TDs,

Rex and Haley

Team Juan

Eternity. . . this is what is at stake for the many people in Nuevo Laredo. God brought willing witnesses to seek out seeking souls which have produced divine encounters today.
Our team performed five times in a town called Anahuac, a park, and a local church.

As we were leaving to return from Anahuac, a lady came up to our team asking for prayer. She had been standing on the outskirts of the drama throughout the morning and as we finished lunch, she came up to our group and asked for prayer because she has been in an abusive relationship. The ladies on our team gathered around her and prayed as she wept. It was a great lesson to pray for others who are enduring spiritual warfare. We had a great harvest in Anahuac!

Our last stop of the day was at a local church on the outskirts of town. Our ministry teams went out and invited the residents. Ten to fifteen minutes after we returned, no one from the community had shown up. But there was one family who lived right across the street from the church, so we set up the drama in front of their house and invited them out. As the music started, the family came out. They saw the truth of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. As the net was drawn, the Holy Spirit drew them to Himself, and they surrendered their lives to Christ. What began with one family across the street ended up with a crowd and other lives surrendered to Him.

As we were putting away the sound equipment, a family walked toward us who had not seen the drama. We had to decide which was more important: making it back for dinner on time or the eternity of this family. Our students did the drama one more time. And the family who was late for the original performance surrendered their lives to Jesus.

What an awesome day of ministry!

Team Juan TDs,

Mike and Caitlyn

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