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New Year, New Day

A new year and a new day of ministry for our Mexico teams! Both teams slept in and got a wonderful breakfast of pancakes made by Gerri, Haley, David, and Colby! After quiet times we had a time of praise and worship that prepared the students for a great last day of ministry.

Team Navidad headed to a supermarket that looked like a miniature mall inside. We sang and danced for the audience and then performed the drama for a large group of children and adults where many people were saved. Our second drama was at a mall where we saw the largest crowd we have seen all week at our drama which was incredible. The third site we went to was called Casa de Amor, which is a house for deported immigrants. We saw many of the same men we saw earlier in the week at a church where we performed the drama, and it was very awesome to see how they still wanted to hear about the love of God. Other men came to the Lord tonight from our drama and it was a great place of Jesus Ministry.

At our last drama site for Team Navidad, we went to an S-Mart and were allowed to perform by the entrance of the store for numerous people to watch. We had some students who saw a woman who began to cry during the drama but left before they could talk to her. The students ran around the store in attempt to find her, and they did. They talked to her about the drama and having a personal relationship with Christ, and she said she wanted to receive that. Our students prayed with her, and she is now our new sister in Christ!

Team Feliz went to several different supermarkets today because the weather was cold and rainy. As we performed the drama several people would stop and watch, and many people came to know Christ. After the supermarkets we went to the mall. The students began to dance to draw a crowd. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by more than 100 people. One of the people in the crowd was one of our translator’s brothers. This made our translator very happy. One of our students went up to talk to him. As soon as they were done talking, the translator asked what happened. The student explained that the translator’s brother had recognized that he had turned from God and want to get his life back in a right relationship with Him. When we finished at the mall, we went to perform our last drama for the week at an immigrant house.

Both teams came back and had dinner. While we had dinner, a man named Marco shared his testimony with us. He accepted Christ when Awe Star came and presented the drama in March and is now serving in one of the churches we work with.

Now the students are packed up and ready to head out early in the morning so that they can share about the great things that God did this week in their lives and the lives of others. Please pray for safe travels as we head home in a few hours.

Your CCs,

Haley and Colby
Gerri and David

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