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Great Things God has Done

Good evening everyone,

God has blessed us with great ministry these past couple of days. Sunday, the 19th, we traveled to a church across town. We were able to present the drama for the church and hear a message. We were challenged to lay our answer to God on the altar no matter what He is asking. God wants to know that we’ll give Him our yes before He calls us. He asks for complete surrender. These students are coming back changed and willing to do whatever God calls them to do. Don’t let them forget the commitment they made this day.

We then went to a snack shop and performed for a crowd there. The students got to talk with several people. One group talked with a girl who had been to church in the past but was confused about what she believed. Since her father is Chinese and her mother is Indian, she has a mix of religions in her family. She began crying when she saw the crucifixion scene and sought to be clear about Jesus before accepting Him as her Lord and Savior. God does mighty things when we are obedient to talk to anyone He asks.

We headed back to the Bible college for a lunch and some laundry. We want to be seen as appropriate when we do the drama, so we washed our drama clothes again to get the stink of the rain and sweat out of our clothes before our last day of drama ministry. We have been so blessed by the Bible college, and some of our students got to serve them by helping with dinner. We concluded the evening with a time of worship and preparing for ministry we would do the next day.

Yesterday, the 20th, we began early by driving to the home city of John, our main translator and city contact. We are grateful for him coming to help us, which meant leaving his wife and two children at home. We were excited to meet them. On our way, we stopped at a school and performed the drama for a group of students. Even people from across the street came to see. People were led to Jesus over a fence, beside their classrooms, and under a tree. We got to see the true power of the gospel because we didn’t have a translator for every group. We were able to walk the people through the gospel with a card and then trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

We were a little late getting to our next school, so we didn’t get to share the drama. But our disappointment is God’s divine appointment! The headmaster allowed us to go classroom to classroom and present the gospel in front of the students. While many prayed in the classrooms, we pray that there are true heart changes and that God does something incredible in this high school. This was great practice for our students, most of whom are high-school aged. Even though we may never get the chance to stand in front of our class and openly share the gospel, we can talk about it in conversation, and even when laughed at, we can know we are doing His will.

Next, we went to the village area where John lives. The team went out and invited people to come. We gathered under a pavilion and danced with people of all ages before presenting the drama. Again, we trusted in the Holy Spirit to work while we used the cards. Every group had someone pray to receive Christ, and they were patient as they waited for John to come around and share more.

When we got to where John lives, we realized his home is right by a store he owns and the church he pastors. We got to see where they are building a new church before being treated to a delicious lunch. We had a version of chicken and dumplings with some pineapple juice. The team needed to clean up before presenting at the church tonight, so we took some students to the river, and some used the showers available in John’s house and church. We know that we perform the drama for an audience of One, but we also never want to offend the culture by looking like we don’t take care of ourselves.

Tonight we got to see many come to know the Lord after presenting the drama one last time for John and his church family. We cannot think of a better way to end our drama ministry than to strengthen the church of the man who has been so good to us this trip. We praise God for John, and we know he gives all praise to God.

Today we went shopping and had a special dinner with the team. We are praising God for all He’s done through us in Suriname. Please pray that God allows ministry even as we travel tomorrow and that we can remain fully trusting in Him.

Many blessings,

Chad and Danielle

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