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Unity in the Spirit!

Good evening!

We cherish ALL of your prayers and we thank you for being such a big part of our team in prayer! God has truly blessed both teams as we have been doing well and we are praying with expectant hearts for continued ministry, continued health, and for our ministry sites tomorrow!

Team Strong
What a glorious day the Lord has blessed us with. We traveled to Anahuac, Nuevo Leon. Anahuac is about an hour west of Nuevo Laredo. As our students traveled around the plaza to invite people to see the drama, three of them asked a lady to come to the plaza and in response, she said, “Let’s go announce it on the radio.” Our students not only had a great experience speaking on the radio and inviting the local community out to see the drama, but they also saw the divine encounters that the Lord placed before them. We were also reminded how great our God is as one of our ministry teams talked to a lady who was a believer. She explained to them how she was no longer able to read her Bible because she had a problem with her brain where she couldn’t see very well and couldn’t hear out of one of her ears. The ministry team asked if they could pray for her. The students prayed and one thing they said was, “We trust that you can heal her Lord, we trust!” As they were praying the lady said the area around her ear began to feel warm, and then she felt a pop. After they finished praying for her she said she could hear out of that ear. They handed her a tract and she said she could read it! What a glorious God we serve!!!

The rest of the afternoon we were able to go to a few mission churches. It was a great afternoon because not only were we able to help share salvation, but we were able to worship and encourage those believers. It is always wonderful when believers who don’t even know each other come together to worship our Savior!

Team Courageous
What an awesome display of the power of our God we were able to witness today! Many decisions were made for salvation today through the working of our Lord in the obedience of our team. Our first drama site was in a small town named Hidalgo, which is about an hour’s drive west of Nuevo Laredo. When our team first arrived in Hidalgo, we headed to a nice plaza/park that is located in about the center of the town. After we got out of the van, the team began to prayerwalk and ask that the Lord would show up in might and draw many to hear the Gospel. The Lord answered that prayer. Many showed up, and several decisions for Christ were made.

At the third site today, our team had the privilege of presenting the drama at a drug rehab center. Before the drama, we went out and invited people, and so many came that there was standing room only! Also before the drama, while inviting the people to come, several of our team had noticed two people standing down the road on a corner. The people did not come to the drama, but several team members felt the Lord leading them to go and witness to these people. They walked down and handed out tracts, and one of our team began to preach the Gospel to them. When our team asked the people if they wanted to accept Christ, one of the people walked away, but the other stayed. The woman who stayed said she wanted to accept Christ but she could not pray right away because she was very busy with her work. These people did not even see the drama, but praise to the Lord for both our students’ courage and their obedient hearts to share with everyone. We trust and pray that God will grow all of the seeds that were planted today!

Your CCs

Team Strong
Colby & Gerri

Team Courageous
Jacey & Becky

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