• Rebecca, Peru
  • Hunter, Venezuela
  • Melanie, Venezuela
  • Zach, Peru
  • Amy, Peru
  • Dani, North Africa
  • Luke, North Africa
  • Madelyn, Peru
  • Tanner, Peru
  • Parents and Friends
  • Panama
  • Venezuela
  • Peru
  • Ethiopia
  • On Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Global Student Mission Trips: A STEP BEYOND the norm.

If you’re only looking for a missions organization that will take youth groups, college students, individuals, or churches overseas, you have many choices. But if you’re looking to join a family that will guide, encourage, and equip you to live the lifestyle of a missionary, welcome home!

Awe Star’s primary focus is discipleship, teaching you how to become a worldwide citizen of the Kingdom. And the best way to learn this is “as you are going” (Matt. 28:19). Whether you serve in places like Ethiopia, the cradle of civilization, deep in the jungles of Panama, or somewhere else, you’ll acquire the skills you need to become a lifelong Jesus-follower.

As part of the Awe Star family, you’ll lay down your adolescence, pick up your adult life, and follow Him. Let’s go!

Your servant,

Walker Moore


Awe Star Ministries
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