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25 Years

This year, the Awe Star family celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. Thousands of students have been placed in 51 countries; tens of thousands have come to Christ; and countless churches have been planted. For me, it has been an incredible journey. Some of it represents the best days of my life and some of it, the darkest. But God was with me through it all. So what do I want to say in this 25th anniversary brochure? I want to thank my wife, Cathy. A lot of you know her, and many of you don’t. But without her and her heart for the nations, this journey would never have happened.

This faith-journey hasn’t been easy for either one of us. We have had to learn to live differently, trust God more deeply and experience being apart more often, but in the end, we both considered the cost of this ministry nothing compared to the great things we have seen God do.

I could never have done this without my wife’s love and support. She has encouraged me in the darkest days of this journey, and rejoiced with me on the best. For every word of thanks I get, every accolade I receive, she should receive at least two. I may have been the mouth and hands, but she was the heart of Awe Star.

As we both take new steps in a new direction, I am counting on her to be by my side, because this journey has not been about me but about us.

After this summer, the reins of Awe Star will be passed on to others, but this ministry will continue, and Cathy and I will always be a part of it. We invite you to come and join the Awe Star family during our 25th anniversary year. Because in the end, only God and family matter.

Your Servant,

Walker Moore

President/Founder, Awe Star Ministries

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