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I Serve—Without Reserve

Growing up, I loved to play in the rain. Even as a child, I thought of the rain as a gift from God, not to water the lands or fill the streams, but to invite a young boy to come and enjoy. The elation that came from stepping into that first raindrop was a promise of greater joys to come.

My brothers and I played and splashed with such fervor and abandonment that when the shower ended, our souls were satisfied and at peace. The rain would stop, the sky would clear, and we would wait for another rainy day and God’s sure invitation to join Him once again.

As I grew up and left my childhood behind, I thought I would never again catch that feeling, that joy of the hours spent playing in the rain. But one day, I stepped onto the mission field, and something familiar stirred within me. The excitement I felt reminded me of stepping into the first raindrop. But this was even better because lives were changed and darkness dispelled.

Joy flooded my soul as I abandoned myself to be used by the Creator Himself. And once again, I found my heart dancing, for I had just experienced what it means to serve—without reserve.
Are you ready to play in the rain?
Your Servant,

Walker Moore

President/Founder, Awe Star Ministries

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